Wood Borer Treatment

Wood Borer Treatment in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon

Wood borers are the very small creature which is not easily visible by eyes until they do big damage so we have to identify their presence before big damage. Although you keep your furniture and wooden good clean but still there can be wood borer present in your homes. They feed the wooden goods and damage it badly and sometimes it can be very expensive for you. Suppose you have purchased expensive wooden furniture for your home, offices, and farmhouse but wood borers can damage it badly. So you need to identify the signs of wood bores and call professional for wood borer treatment in Delhi i.e Total Pest Control. We have an expertizes in all kinds of pest control services that be availed at a very reasonable price.

Life cycle of Wood Borer

Basically, there are four stages of wood borer’s life cycle

  1. Egg
  2. Larva
  3. Pupa
  4. Adult

How to identify the presence of Wood Borer?

Before going for wood borer treatment in Delhi, you need to identify the existence of wood borer. We are discussing here some important signs of wood borers.

  1. Wood borer eggs can be visible in the wooden goods.
  2. A creamy white colored and curve shaped larva can be present in your wooden objects.
  3. You can see the borer dust near your wooden goods.
  4. Some times you can realize the weak and damaged floorboards.

So these are some basic identifiers of wood borer presence in your furniture. Don’t forget to call Total Pest Controls for wood borer treatment in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon.

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